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Innahorion Villas in Elafonisi

In Elafonisi Villas simple luxury afforded by an exceptional location harmoniously blended with a unique environment. The result is a selection of contemporary and finely tuned villas that offer an enriching and rewarding lifestyle.

Indulge yourself with the luxury of private space and time for blissful relaxation and destination discovery by allowing the picture-perfect view of the Mediterranean Sea and the pristine white sand of Elafonisi beach to become the background of your holiday scene.

Contact Info

  • Natasha Zouridi, Customer Support, Sales and Marketing Manager
  • Agrotouristiki Innahoriou, Livadia, 73100 Kisamos, Chania , Crete, Greece
  • Tel: +30 6937297441
  • Fax: +30 28210 028108
  • Email:info@elafonisi-villas.gr
  • Skype: natasha.zouridi
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